Glasses for your short sighted Kinect

Nyko Zoom for Kinect thumb 550xauto 64013 Glasses for your short sighted Kinect

“Zoom for Kinect” being its proper name, the clip-on attachment features a set of wide-angle lenses for Xbox 360’s controllerless motion controller. The result? Shortening the effective range of the Kinect by up to 40%, meaning the six to eight feet or so it normally wants (which feels more like 20 to 30) lands somewhere around a more reasonable four to five.

I’ve been wondering if it’d be worth it to get a kinect, but I’ve yet to see a single title that peaked my interested.  Happy to see that someone’s thinking about those people that own a Kinect but not a barn to play it in.


2 thoughts on “Glasses for your short sighted Kinect

  1. “…single title that peaked my interested…”



    “piqued |p?kt| )
    stimulate (interest or curiosity): you have piqued my curiosity about the man.”

    Rather than the past tense of:

    “peak 1 |p?k|
    reach a highest point, either of a specified value or at a specified time: its popularity peaked in the 1940s | the rate of increase peaked at 34 percent last autumn.”

    Proofreading is often better than spellcheck.

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