Republicans stop laughing after Obama impersonator turns jokes on them

Maybe it was the steamy weather in New Orleans but delegates at the Republican Leadership Conference quickly lost their sense of humour when an Obama impersonator switched from jokes at the president’s expense to poking fun at the Republican presidential contenders.

Reggie Brown, a comedian and Obama look-alike, had attendees rolling in the aisles with his racially-tinged one-liners aimed at Obama, including one referring to Obama’s parentage:

My favourite month is February, Black history month. You see, Michelle celebrates the full month, and I celebrate half.

But the laughs turned to boos when Brown began targetting Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty among the Republican presidential contenders, with the conference organiser turning off the microphone and having Brown escorted from the stage.

teehee.  they can dish it out, but apparently can’t take it?

via Cynical-C

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