Jie of Xia

Xiajie Jie of Xia

According to Liu Xiang’s book Lienü zhuan written much later, around 18 BCE, Jie was corrupted by his infatuation with his concubine Mo Xi (?? or ??), who was beautiful, but completely lacking in virtue.[7][8] Among other things, she liked to drink, enjoyed music, and also had a penchant for jugglers and sing-song girls. Apparently, she had King Jie order a lake of wine made.[8] They both sailed about in the alcohol lake in an orgy of drunken naked men and women bathing and drinking.[9] She then commanded 3,000 men to drink the lake dry, only to laugh when they all drowned.[8][9] This event was also recorded in the Han Ying’s (??) book Han Shi Wai Zhuan (????).[9][10]

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