7 thoughts on “Religious Town Has Visitors Arrested for Not Showing ID

        1. well, here’s my even handed response:
          In the video, the police were called by a religious purity officer. the police responded based on his claims, and thus religion is pulled into it.

          here’s my normal response:
          did you even fucking watch the video? it starts with religion and ends with religions, wtf.

          1. I have to agree with Mr. Geko. The only religious bit about the story was the fact that they were walking through the Hasidic town. The rest of it was some crazy (overly protective?) guy thought they were terrorists and apparently their cops don’t protect constitutional rights.

          2. your right, it’s not about religion. it is about the fact that these young men seemed NOT to be of the religious ilk of the community. i believe that stopping and having a non-jew arrested in a primarily non–jewish neighborhood would end up in worldwide public outcry. not to mention the lawsuits. i’m just saying.

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