Elizabeth Warren is running for US Senate in Massachusetts

r ELIZABETH WARREN SENATE large570 Elizabeth Warren is running for US Senate in Massachusetts

WASHINGTON — Consumer advocate and former White House official Elizabeth Warren will announce on Wednesday that she is running for the United States Senate seat currently held by Scott Brown (R-Mass.), a close source tells The Huffington Post.

This would totally rock my socks. If you’ve ever heard this woman speak, she IS america, and she speaks for the people that matter in our country.

6 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren is running for US Senate in Massachusetts

  1. “…the people that matter in our country”? I guess that would be the people who think and feel and believe like you do and to hell with everyone else. I think everyone in the country matters, but that’s just me.

    Have an Evil day

      1. I’m not fighting for anyone. I actually believe in the Constitution and individual rights even for the people I disagree with. Other Americans are not my “enemy” even if they are my opponents.

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          1. No, but who are taking who’s rights away? The left are the ones who try to limit free speech by imposing ‘free-speech” zones. Every square inch of the US is a free speech zone in my opinion. Equal protection under the law for each an every citizen.

            Again, who rights are being taken away and who is doing the taking? From a practical perspective only the Federal government can seriously threaten our rights and the Democrats are in Control of the Executive and half of the Legislative branches; they’re not very effective, but they are in control.

            Have an Evil day

          2. I’m fairly certain that those “free speech” zones you’re talking about were a product of a republican administration. they’re horrible and need to be done away with.

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