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  1. Her policies would double unemployment, ignite a depression, chase capital and jobs out of the country and overall make today’s economy look like the roaring twenties.

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  2. Pretty much, but Obama and the Dems have doubled-down on every bad idea, plus they want to toss tax rate increases on top of everything else to really send the economy over the cliff. Bush was bad, but Obama is objectively much, much worse despite the fantasies of the members of his personality cult who believe that if given just a little more time his policies which have failed throughout history whenever and wherever they have been tried will somehow succeed this time because Obama is The One. You don’t want to increase tax rates during an economic slowdown, according to Obama in 2009 but now there is no reason not to increase rates. I guess any economic theory, history and/or data that doesn’t jive with the current poling numbers gets tossed.

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      1. When is enough ever enough? Almost 50% pay zero in income taxes and approximately 5% of all federal revenues? Tax rates and revenues are not the problem, have never been the problem and will never be the problem. Federal spending always goes up approximately $1.17 for every additional $1.00 in revenue. Spending is the problem. Giving more money to the politicians who have misspent for the last 100 years or more is not a solution; it exasperates the problem.

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        1. I think it’s obvious when enough is enough. when they pay their fair share. Tax revenues are THE problem, not spending. Sure, you have a large chunk of the red states using welfare like it’s their god given right to stay at home and drink beers and pop out xtian babies, but they’re a part of our society, right?

          1. Revenue is not the problem. The spending went from approximately $2.8 trillion in 2008 to $3.6 trillion in 2011. Revenues stayed about the same. Revenue has averaged between 18-19% of GDP for the last few generations. Federal spending has averaged between 20-21% of GDP. The last few years spending has gone up around 25% of GDP while revues are flat or even down a percent or two. Deficits are growing because spending is increasing Spending $ 1.4 trillion more than the government collects is not a formula for success. The government could confiscate 100% of the wealth of the richest, most evilest 1% and 100% of the profits of the Forbes 500 and it would not cover spending for a single year. The top 50% already provide around 95% of all federal revenues, the bottom 50% provide less than 5% of all federal revenues. You look at those percentages and you conclude that the 95% are not paying their ‘fair” share. Fair is very subjective, 95% not so much.

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          2. those numbers were pulled out of your ass, weren’t they? cause there’s no possible way that they’re even remotely close to being plausible. You think it’s only been since 2008? wtf, did you forget what happened in the eight years before that, when our military spending was doubled and there was a whole new department of the executive branch created and funded?

  3. I’d vote for her. I can already picture the right winger painting her as a commie. Especially with language like that. The population of this country is to fucking stupid to understand what she is saying anyhow.

    This countries political system is so retarded. We might as well have Chimpanzees run this shit.

        1. Thanks, I have been posted that “Have an Evil day” foolishness for years and you are the very first person to rise to the bait. Thanks.

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          1. Right. And stating that someone should get hit by a car is totally classy. I hope you live long enough to reject your simple-minded and wrong political opinions.

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  4. You just revealed your own ignorance; all those numbers are verifiable for anyone willing to educate themselves. The largest annual deficit under President Bush was $458 billion in 2008 – which was passed by the Democrats who controlled both houses of Congress for the first time in years. The deficit the year before when Republicans controlled both houses was $160 billion. In 2009, the Democrat controlled Congress withheld passing the budget until the new Democratic President was sworn in; that year the deficit exploded to $1,412 billion, the first time the deficit had ever exceeded $1 trillion dollars. Obama is on pace to add more debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8 years. Bush was bad when it came to spending, fairly good on revenues, but Obama has been terrible on spending and worse on revenues. Just about everything Obama proposes will result in more spending and revenues which cannot begin to keep up.

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      1. Try the budget of the United States; look it up. Being ignorant is not shameful, but purposely remaining ignorant is shameful.

        Here’s some thing to get you started from the CBO; it doesn’t discuss overall collections but it does give an over view of rates of taxation for individuals within different income groups.


        Excerpt from Congressional Budget Office website, “Trends in Federal Tax Revenues and Rates,” December 2010

        Households generally bear the economic cost, or burden, of the taxes that they pay directly, such as individual income taxes (including taxes paid on dividends, interest, and capital gains) and employees’ share of payroll taxes. Households also bear the burden of the taxes paid by businesses. In particular, in CBO’s judgment (and that of most economists), employers’ share of payroll taxes is passed on to employees in the form of lower wages. In addition, households bear the burden of corporate income taxes, but the extent to which they bear that burden as owners of capital, workers, or consumers is not clear.
        One measure of the tax burden is the average tax rate–that is, the taxes paid as a share of income. Federal taxes are progressive: Average federal tax rates generally rise with income. In 2007, households in the bottom fifth, or quintile, of the income distribution (with average income of $18,400, under a broad definition of income) paid about 4 percent of their income in federal taxes, while the middle quintile, with average income of $64,500, paid 14 percent, and the highest quintile, with average income of $264,700, paid 25 percent.

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        1. it would appear that you’re either not reading the material you’re linking to, your willfully bending it to your own purposes, or you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the American economy works.

          I’ll just assume you’re trolling and leave you to your devices.

          1. “Average federal tax rates generally rise with income.” Refute that one statement from the CBO.

            Apparently, you are unable or unwilling to refute anything at all that I have posted so rather than presenting your own facts or even trying to repudiate my facts you attack me. The bottom 50%, approximately, pay 0 in income tax, this includes the bottom 20% who have a -3% income tax rate. They receive transfer payments so they receive more than they contribute. The top 1% earn about 19% of all income but they contribute almost 40% of all income taxes. The US corporate income tax is now the highest in the world. Corporate profits are taxed at 35% before they are distributed to investors, these capital gains are then taxed again at 15% for an effective rate of 44.75%. The US is the only nation in the world that taxes capital gains twice. The US already has the most progressive income tax system in the world. The top 50% is already providing almost all of the revenues to the government but according to you they are not contributing their “fair” share. Again, what is fair? Wait, I know, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Yeah, that pretty much sums up your economic ideology. Prove me wrong if you can.

          2. I never said you don’t have to pay taxes. You can’t prove anything I’ve written is wrong and you haven’t written anything that indicates that “fair” is anything but taking from those who have more from you. You have failed yourself and disappointed me. My mistake for thinking a leftist could present a reasonable, logical, fact-based explanation of their beliefs or could actually refute anything I presented.

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