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    1. afaik, something like this has never been done, we’ve had four (five/six?) movies that set up the origins of all the characters, so we don’t have to feel rushed introducing everyone, and now it’s ready for a real story with them all.

      also, it’s an awesome time to be a comic book fan, yay!

      1. It’s just going to be superheroes with ego arguing with each other and then somehow coming together to save the day bla bla bla. This is going to be just like all the crap XMen Movies. The only difference being that there is a black guy and nobody gets along.

        1. 12 Angry Men is about 12 angry men sitting at a table who can’t decide if a guy is guilty but then they somehow manage to come to an agreement whilst also learning a little about themselves and the human condition as a whole, bla bla bla.

          See, I did what you did, but for one of the most recognised and applauded movies in history.

          If you’ll listen to Tiki he’s trying to tell you that Avengers is going to be interesting because instead of rushing through to establish the heroes origins, set up the characters and environment and bring in the baddy for a grand set-piece battleas part of a formulaic start-middle-end linear story, it’s going to take several established stories and mesh them together. The fact that they can’t spend the first hour talking about how little Jiminy Cricket got his first top hat is going to force them to concentrate more on legitimate story.

          Iron Man was good. Thor was good. Hulk was decent, though I preferred the Ang Lee version, if only because of Jennifer Connolly. I haven’t seen Captain America but I’ve heard that it was, at the very worst, OK. It’s got a solid, respectable cast.
          And it’s being directed by Joss Whedon. Oh, and it’s got that hot Canadian chick from How I Met Your Mother, BONUS.

          I think you’re just prejudiced. In fact, I know you are, because you have no basis for your instant dislike.

          1. TL;DR Who the fuck is Joss Whedon? LOL @ calling Hulk movies decent. So the characters don’t have to be introduced, so it’ll be a fantastic movie? That’s not a very good argument for me to change my mind. Their have been a couple okay superhero, but nothing spectacular. I doubt this film will be better than any of the Iron Man films.

          2. whhaaaaaaat.

            joss whedon is the guy that wrote or directed a majority of buffy, angel, and firefly. he’s a cool guy and isn’t afraid of anything.

          3. “Lalala, I’m not listening, lalala”

            Grow up, fucktard.

            See, Tiki, this is the calibre of your mods.

  1. It’s gonna be something awesome. I’m really interested to see how the Avengers movie will affect the movies that come after. From the trailer it looks like it should figure into the next Thor heavily. The only thing that could make this better is if they could have kept Norton & Howard.

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