Introducing the 8-Bitty controller

12 02 13 8bitty 500x290 Introducing the 8 Bitty controller

We’ll cut right to the chase: this image is not photoshopped.

Yes, it’s a handheld video game controller in the classic style 8-bit style you know and love–but now it’s for your iPad or iPhone, no console or cartridges required. And it exists IRL.

We’re calling it the iCADE 8-Bitty. It pairs wirelessly just like our iCADE, and it’s compatible with a growing list of hundreds of retro game apps, including the Atari Classics collection, Pac Man, Super Mega Worm, and more (see full list). Because the 8-Bitty uses a completely open interface system, any app developer can easily add game support–even to Android devices.

via ThinkGeek.

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