2 thoughts on “Feminism and the 2012 Oscars

  1. Wow, not quite sure what to make of this.. On one hand she makes a very valid point. Women’s roll in cinema is much smaller then I would have imagined. Though I’m not sure the Bechdel test is quite prudent when it comes to this measurement…

    A female character can have a influential role on a film without having to speak to another woman.. I think that how women are portrayed in cinema would be much better measured, by the choices those characters make. Are they rational? This is subjective, I realize..

    I think that the reason why most of these films fail the test, and why most movies would fail this test, is because I would assume the majority were written by men. Writers are often egocentric, even when they don’t think they are. They write stories of how they see the world. Or how the world sees their character, which they’ve been projecting themselves onto the whole time they’ve been writing.

    Honestly, this girl got annoying when she said that “Woody Allen has the nerve of to not have her (Stein) speak to another female character in the entire film.” She can critique all she likes, and measure movies by stupid standards to her hearts content; But trying to tell Woody Allen how to make a movie… I think her time could be better spent barefoot in a kitchen 😀

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