Scumbag Destiny

 Scumbag Destiny
SPOILERS W Well you start out being revived after being killed an unknown amount of time ago and some how not decomposing. By a talking robot ball. That floats. He tells you you will see a lot things you don’t understand and then never explains anything to you. Then you set out to stop the darkness from spreading, which starts with you trying to stop the fallen. Then you discover the hive, which means you have to go to the moon. Then exo gurl sends you to venus, where you discover the vex and completely ignore the hive threat and the fallen for the rest of the game because apparently the vex are going to take over mars, which means nothing to you because no one lives on mars. You get to mars and the cabal are fighting the vex. And then the vex have a shard of the traveler. So you kill a few statues. And somehow this saves the day. Just ignore the cabal, hive and fallen threat. Exit: then exo gurl says some stuff, gives you a crappy pulse rifle, and vanishes. Somehow a character that should have had ton of dialogue and storyline development gets like 6 fucking lines Of dialogue in the game winds up getting a main part of the closing scene for no reason. Congrats you’ve beat destiny, a game written like a bad popup story book, with enough content to make the original kings quest floppy disk games look longer and more well written. What do you do now you ask? Get to level 20 then try and find armor with light bonuses so you can do the same 10 or so strikes over and over and over and over and over and over while you sit there and ask yourself what the hell happened to the writers of Halo. And then run weekly nightfall mission and vault of glass once or twice, and discover that interplay was right. War never changes, even after lvl 20 and 20+ hours of gameplay

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